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Ok, parziale quote dal New Yorker. Quando hai fortuna di trovare delle parole in cui ti rispecchi, vai e prenditele.

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With

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Dicono di me

Paolo Valassi

E-Commerce Director @ Aosom Italy

Luca is a real Digital Marketing Guru: it’s hard to find a tool, an Agency or a service he doesn’t know. He worked as part of my eCommerce Sales & Marketing team at Aosom Italy and delivered with great success the management of all the marketing activities including but not limited to Google ADS, Amazon PPC, Affiliation, Marketing Automation and Personalization, Brand Awareness. Besides this Luca daily showed energy, patience and a great proactivity attitude.
Paolo Valassi
Guido Bonarelli

Guido Bonarelli

Senior Director of Marketing EMEA and Asia @ ViacomCBS

I have worked with Luca for two intense years at the Viacom SWEMEA cluster HQ where I managed him directly in his role as Digital Marketing Coordinator for the MTV and Nickelodeon brands. Our office oversees teams in 9 different territories and the day-to-day requires not just project management skills, but also fast decision-making, a strategic approach and constant coordination. Luca demonstrated himself to be a perfect fit for the role, blending his natural passion for digital and social media with traditional marketing and campaigns management. Beyond these professional skills, Luca is reliable, efficient and his positive attitude makes him a great team player, even in the most stressful moments.

Antonio G. Corrado

Co-Founder & CEO @ MainStreaming Inc.

Luca is a smart person, very productive and goal-oriented. I found great digital marketing skills in him and a good work relationship. Very polyhedral, he has flexibility, initiative and enthusiasm. We worked altogether in defining a marketing funnel and a relationship with customer. Luca proved to be technical and creative, full of skills and resources, always in action. His empathy and enthusiasm were very contagious and motivating for the team.
Su di me

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